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What can i do with that nothing much not learning anything i don’t already know i think that’d just tire my hands real fast so i leave some out
Maybe fuck my hands

Maybe carpe diem

Maybe fuck it all

What pit do i want to rest myself in construct myself as a robot for situations

Intuition use skyrockets
Intuition use on high what words are intuition what feeling is intuition

One of those if you know you know things and you gotta find out yourself but end up lying to yourself out of laziness accepting some voice in the back of the head as intuition but it may not be i want to pinpoint all these things and know what they are and know how to navigate this human body many have treaded softly after this same dream
They can help right
Maybe their answers wont help me
Different cloth

Wont know if i try?

Thoughts thoughts thoughts what to do with them maybe their of some use in a poem

What is this really my ranting mind i could configure consciously after redrafting and such into a specific form but ill leave it as such its naked bones lay here die hence

Or just nothing not worth a second look over what is who is the gatekeeper

Different gates n shit fuck this

Which way do i want to spin it any which way i can endless possibilities w

Fucking self i need you motherfucker